Nollywood and Culture


The Nigerian movie industry ‘Nollywood’ has had a profound influence on African culture, since its emergence at the turn of the 21st century, The Nigerian accents, style of dress, and behaviors of the people, all of which are Nigerian cultural practices which are now being transmitted as images around the globe. In Nigeria the role of the film industry is still evolving. However, certain factors might as well be affecting the country’s culture either negatively or positively, while the film industry itself is undergoing a crucial transition. The use of songs and oral literature, festivals, rituals, the traditional religion, performing arts, music, dance, and indeed, the entire range of aesthetic which are represented in Nigerian movies has formed an integral part in the spreading of the Nigerian culture across the globe.

Nollywood has not only affected the Nigerian Culture but the culture itself has affected the movie industry over the years. For the sake of this article, the Nollywood industry will be divided into two stages; The Early Nollywood Era and the New Nigerian Cinema.

Right from the very beginning as dated far back as 1926 when the first feature film made in Nigeria ‘Palaver’ was produced by Geoffrey Barkas. The film was also the first film ever to feature Nigerian actors in a speaking role. Movies produced by this time basically were maintained on the cultural practice of the Nigerian people and the core values that upheld the traditional Nigerian Society. During the early Nollywood Era, movies were made mostly with cultural song and also core value traditions of the Nigerian society was used to pass across vital information to the audience, even as far back as 1988 when Soso Meji, the first film produced on video in Nigeria was produced by Ade Ajiboye. The film was screened at the few available theaters at that time.

Subsequently, Alade Aromire produced Ekun 1989 on video, which was screened at the National Theater, Iganmu, Lagos. However, the boom experienced in this era is generally believed to have been kick started by Kenneth Nnebue’s – ‘Living in Bondage’ 1992. Storytelling at this time was something of passion and a means of projecting and propagating the culture of the Nigerian Society to the outside world.

Nollywood later-on, experienced a draft change as the years went by, during the early 2000’s movie production were solely based on copying the culture of the western world and influencing the indigenous cultural practices. This as a result had massive influence on the youths in the society, movies like ‘State of Emergency’, ‘Isakaba’, and ‘High way to the Grave’, ‘Diamond’ amongst others started forming basis for movie production and at this point the diminishing effect on our indigenous tradition was eating deep. The emergence of the New Nigerian Cinema has brought a bit of hope to the Nigerian culture, movies such as ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’, ‘Figurine’, ‘October 1’, ’30 days in Atlanta’ amongst others have tried to localize the Western Culture and blend it with Nigerian Culture, hence, giving an Afrocentric side to movie production in Nigeria

Piracy & Recession: Affecting Nollywood Producers


Nollywood industry is one of the fastest growing section in the Nigeria economy. Over time, there have been release of 50 movies or more weekly, the Nigeria movie industry “NOLLYWOOD” makes tons of cash for the economy but just like every other sector the current recession affecting the Nigerian economy is also affecting the movie industry in Nigeria. That the Nigerian film industry is growing is not a doubt, but another issue that requires greater attention is the problem of piracy, which has been a major set-back that has eaten deep into the industry and may grind it to a halt. Although, the Nigerian government has laws against piracy and to that, there is a body to regulate the activities of movie producers and nollywood marketers in Nigeria, it remains a thriving business partly due to poor implementation of copyright laws, proper prosecution of offenders, and corruption in the governing agencies.

Over the years, movie makers have resulted in different targeted ways such as loans from banks, in-built movie adverts, brand marketing and PR services by big companies to generate cash to produce movies but the fear of piracy is still a big problem as some much is lost at the end of the day. During the Toronto International Film Festival, Kunle Afolayan and Genevieve Nnaji pointed that distribution is one of the major challenges that the Nollywood industry is faced with, and also, lack of adequate viewing cinemas and lack of investors coming into to the Nollywood industry.

At the midst of this challenges, so many movie marketers still maintain that the Alaba International Market, founded in the 1970s, located along the Lagos – Badagry expressway is the biggest threat to in the Nigeria movie market. It is by far the biggest electronics market in West Africa and thousands of people flock around it every day. People come from as far as Ghana, East Africa, Togo and Benin Republic. The market has a mixture of individual customers and retailers who buy in bulk to resell across West Africa. They buy a wide range of items — including computers, televisions, broadcast equipment, household appliances, video games, generators, security equipment, CDs and DVDs. The Alaba International market is where the basis of piracy starts from with illegal movie sellers’ mass production of movie content and selling them to the public, this has caused major loss to movie producers.

Similarly, the revolving face of technology in the world today has also brought about various ways in which movie content can be distributed on platforms like the “Okiki App” where movies can be kept by the content owners and yet be rest assured that the movies would not be pirated. This gives audience direct access to movies on their mobile phones and by so doing it will go a long way to ease distribution problems in the Nigeria movie industry and get Nigerian movies to a wider reach across Africa and around the globe.

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Nollywood Actress taking centre stage in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country has the most competitive work force in Africa, over time gender discrimination have been tackled with the emergence of capable talented women in the society and also in Nollywood, creating landmark achievements in their various fields of specialization.

The Nollywood industry is not left out as so many woman in Nigeria most especially in this scope have contributed to
the growth of the industry in general. Over the years, women have evolved from not just being actors in front and behind the camera but also key role players in movie production and distribution in Nigeria, West Africa and in Africa as a whole. Movie production in Nigeria has achieved greater heights due to some ground breaking roles done by certain women in Nigeria, not forgetting movie producers such as Emem Isong who is the brain behind some Nollywood blockbusters like ‘I will take my chances’, ’Knocking on heaven’s door’, ‘Games women play’ and a lot of others. Interestingly, female actors have also gone ahead to produce and direct movies perhaps still act in these movies, this has helped also to shape the quality and standards of movies produced in the Nollywood industry due to their relentless hard work.

Funke Akindele, also known as ‘Jenifer’ is a household name in so many Nigerian homes due to some of her brilliant works and her recent TV series ‘Jenifer’s Dairy’ which is one of the most watched TV program in Nigeria. Also in line are stars like Rita Dominic, Omoni Oboli, Stephanie Okereke, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Uche Jombo, Remi Adetiba, Ebube Nwagbo and a lot of others have revolutionized the Nigerian movie industry. The works of these women has helped to serve as encouragement to young ladies out there to push themselves out beyond their comfort zones and achieve greater things for themselves.

The Nollywood industry is no longer seen as a male society but women have taken the same responsibilities as their male counterparts to create great African content that is been consumed across the globe today, the movie industry has helped to put the African woman on the map of great achievements.

Movie Alert: movies on Okiki app

Game Changer

Eze Ugochukwu is blessed with four daughters assumed by everyone until the sudden disappearance of his first daugheter ‘Nnenna’. While everyone is concerned, the queen and her daughter are happy, then she returns pregnant for Eze.

Game Changer movie

Aiyekooto pt 1&2

Four university students decide to play games with life and fate takes an unexpected turn as nature proves its relevance. The movie features high profile Jide Kosoko, Femi Adebayo, Muyiwa Ademola, Dele Odule, Moji Olaiya and many more nollywood movie stars.

Aiyekooto 1&2 movie


A notorious village girl was once declared wanted by the police on an offence she committed a long time ago. This local champion committed another offence and absconded which made the police arrest her parents. Starring Odunlade Adekola, Olaniyi Afonja, Taiwo Aromokun.

Mulika movie

Sunday Dagboru

Popular nollywood movie star ‘Odunlade Adekola’ acts as Sunday while he disturbs the neighborhood. A must watch. Starring Odunlade Adekola, Lanre Hassan, Kolawole Ajeyemi, Taiwo Aromokun.

Sunday Dagboru 1&2 movie

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Movie Review: The Arbitration

Arbitration movie

Nollywood has had major gradual growth over the years which has made it the largest movie producing
body in Africa and her ability to gain international acclaimed recognition due to the tireless effort of so
many movie producers and the good works of the directors as well has helped to put African content out

Following the production of great Nollywood movie content in the past few years, the need to please the
high demands of intelligent movie consumption audience has grown as well, people now tend to look at
a good movie from a critical point of view and the expectations are high at such.

‘The Arbitration’ is a great Nollywood piece of art, directed by the talented Nini Akinmolayan. Following
the pre-screening of the movie, I am very happy at level of advancement and at the level of intelligence
which the director worked from. The movie strategy points out one of the basic issue eating
deep into the Nigerian society and that is rape.

This movie synchronizes the use of good script and dialogue to tell the story and also the ability of the
actors to hold down the suspense with little form of dialogue is highly recommendable. The great use of
various songs at the appropriate time to convey intended message is also highly commendable, great
choice of words, little action with an interesting message to pass across is what makes this movie really
entertaining to watch. ‘The Arbitration’ has gone a long way to show that the movie industry has reached
a certain level of standards and the director Nini Akinmolayan has set a high level of benchmark with this
movie for others to follow. The movie which stars the boss himself Mr. Shola Fosude, Ireti Doyle, Oc
Ukeje, Adesua Etomi amongst others; is one movie to watch this season. Perhaps, if you are looking for
something to challenge your intellectual thinking and something to talk about with your friends this
summer, go see ‘The Arbitration’ coming out today 12th August, 2016 in cinemas across Nigeria.

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