how-to-download Okiki App for Nollywood movies

Get social with Nollywood anti-piracy movie app.

Steps to download Nollywood anti-piracy movie app on google play-store. Catch up with the latest action, comedy, romance and other genres of Nollywood content including short movies. Get to chat and socialize with movie studios, producers, favorite Nigerian actors and actresses while using the Okiki App. Also ‘share’ movies and ‘invite’ your friends to enjoy Nollywood movies on the Okiki App.

Step 1: From your android phone, go to google play-store OR click on the link

Step 2: Search for Okiki on play-store

Step 3: Click on Okiki, install and launch app on your phone.

Step 4: Watch Nollywood movies of various genres and socialize with your favorite Nollywood celebrities.

You can also scan and capture the above bar-code to get Okiki on Google play-store.