Explore Your Inner Fashionista, Download Okiki App

How often do you troll the internet each day in search of the latest fashion, how often do you pause a movie to take a picture of the actress’s gown.

For generations, movie makers have been recognised as the pacesetters in the fashion industry. Fashion Designers debut on the shoulders of our favourite actors and actresses.

With Okiki App, you don’t have to stress yourself to picture the dress anymore, you can always take a screen shot while watching the movie and immediately send it to your fashion designer.

Okiki App is a digital streaming service that was created to bring fans, actors and actresses together on one platform to create and consume content.

With the social option on the app, you don’t have to troll the internet any longer, all you need to do is to invite your fashion designer, enjoy the cinema experience and discuss details of the fabric and how to reinvent the style.

Okiki App gives you the opportunity to view and explore so many beautiful options of dresses, skirts, shoes, bags and what have you as seen on the movie stars.

With Okiki App, you get to wine and dine with your favourite fashion divas like Mercy Aigbe, Funke Akindele, Genevieve Nnaji, Omoli Oboli, Toyin Aimakhu, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde.

Amred with a user friendly interface, Okiki App is free for download on the Android play store and it also comes with free three months trial for everyone.

Okiki App provides Free Nollywood Movies, Newly Released or premium Nollywood movies, live video streaming, dedicated chat channel between Nollywood movie viewers and Nollywood celebrity ( Actors and Studios), live movie chat channel between movie viewers while watching a movie through mobile device to mobile device via a web real time engine.

You can now explore your inner Fashionista with your one stop shop for everything Nollywood.

Forget the Long Trips, Carry the Cinema Everywhere This Christmas with Okiki App

Christmas is the time when family and friends gather together to celebrate the joys and thrills of the year.

Christmas is when we bring ourselves together as one, bound in love to share and spread the good tidings of the season.

This Christmas, as you gather with your family and friends to celebrate the holidays, you all can strengthen the bond by watching a movie together on Okiki App.

You don’t have to take the long trip to the Cinema anymore, just grab an Android phone, search Okiki

App on your playstore and voila!

Okiki App is a video streaming service that provides users a platform to view premium Nollywood content on a mobile device.

The app provides a slick and smooth user experience that allows film fans all over the world to access their favourite Nollywood films and also connect with their friends in real time.

With a wild array of movie options, short movies and live channels, users get to enjoy the Cinema experience from the privacy of their mobile phones.

The coolest part is that apart from streaming movies, users also get to follow actors and studios to get the latest news and updates unfiltered.

Okiki app gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends and family within the app. While watching a movie, you can invite friends to watch and chat with you. With this tool, you don’t have to scream alone because you will all scream together. From the comfort of your living room or the zone in your bedroom, Okiki app is your one stop shop for anything Nollywood.

Why don’t you open Playstore now and download Okiki App, your cinema awaits.

Expel Movie Piracy with Okiki App

Emmanuel Isikaku is a veteran Nollywood Producer, after spending 13 years in the industry, he can be described as an expert movie maker.

In 2007, he released a movie titled Plane Crash, although the movie was popular amongst its viewers, Isikaku didn’t make a dime from his investment.

Today, the word Piracy is synonymous with Nollywood. Ask any five year old around, you will get a full explanation for why he or she likes watching 10-in-1 movies.

Movie Vendors stockpile movie collections because they know that viewers wouldn’t waste their money on one single movie.

With annual revenue of about $600 million, Nollywood should be considered an economic goldmine in its own right.

3 Reasons Why Every Movie Producer Should Use Okiki App

Okiki as the word connotes is where social meets movies, for the first time in Nigerian history, Okiki App is providing a platform for Nollywood producers to converge and communicate with movie viewers.

Okiki App is a movie streaming platform that gives movie producers the opportunity to upload their content without having to worry about piracy.
The app also gives movie producers the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the perception of viewers who have seen their films.
With pirates raking in 50 per cent of film profit, producers now have the chance to break even and make profitable returns on their investment.
All you need to do is upload your films to Okiki App, sit back and relax while your bank account gets fatter.
In this digital age, viewers are searching for movies online; Okiki App captures their interest while providing high quality content to the ever insatiable movie lovers.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Every Movie Producer Should use Okiki App

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About Okiki App

OKIKI is a brand new cutting edge app connecting Nollywood film makers, stars and fans using a unique, slickly designed digital interface. With years of experience and a team of expert developers behind it, OKIKI is firmly set to shake up the digital streaming market, providing a slick, smooth user end experience that allows film fans to access to their favourite directors and artists in real time.

The Classics!

What really happened?

Something changed!

From the viewer’s point of view so many things have changed about the typical Nigerian movie, so much that it seems like the earth crust in Nollywood virtually moved and brought change, or perhaps “time” just happened.

Who remembers those things that seemed off in the former Nigerian movies?

Let’s juggle our memory a bit to the classics, who remembers when actors and actresses wore suits or rather coats thrice their size with heavy shoulder pads and were probably the super dressers of the movie

When in old school Nigerian movie nobody ever knocked at the door, they just shifted the curtains and let themselves in.

BOS – AIT on Okiki App

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Okiki Launch in Lagos Nigeria

On the 8th of August 2015 the Okiki App set to revolutionise the way we watch and consume movies forever launch in lagos Nigeria, ground zero to the Nollywood industry (the second largest movie industry in the world).