Arbitration movie

Nollywood has had major gradual growth over the years which has made it the largest movie producing
body in Africa and her ability to gain international acclaimed recognition due to the tireless effort of so
many movie producers and the good works of the directors as well has helped to put African content out

Following the production of great Nollywood movie content in the past few years, the need to please the
high demands of intelligent movie consumption audience has grown as well, people now tend to look at
a good movie from a critical point of view and the expectations are high at such.

‘The Arbitration’ is a great Nollywood piece of art, directed by the talented Nini Akinmolayan. Following
the pre-screening of the movie, I am very happy at level of advancement and at the level of intelligence
which the director worked from. The movie strategy points out one of the basic issue eating
deep into the Nigerian society and that is rape.

This movie synchronizes the use of good script and dialogue to tell the story and also the ability of the
actors to hold down the suspense with little form of dialogue is highly recommendable. The great use of
various songs at the appropriate time to convey intended message is also highly commendable, great
choice of words, little action with an interesting message to pass across is what makes this movie really
entertaining to watch. ‘The Arbitration’ has gone a long way to show that the movie industry has reached
a certain level of standards and the director Nini Akinmolayan has set a high level of benchmark with this
movie for others to follow. The movie which stars the boss himself Mr. Shola Fosude, Ireti Doyle, Oc
Ukeje, Adesua Etomi amongst others; is one movie to watch this season. Perhaps, if you are looking for
something to challenge your intellectual thinking and something to talk about with your friends this
summer, go see ‘The Arbitration’ coming out today 12th August, 2016 in cinemas across Nigeria.