No doubt the movie world is an interesting world, but it’s not without its challenges so we can say Nollywood has a few hiccups amidst the tasty meal that characterises its growth, even in the face of its new look, which came with clearer picture quality, wonderful story lines and great role interpretation ; it still has questions on its mind…..

Am I creating a good impression? Am I watched more globally? Am i telling stories that touch reality? I think it is!

Just in time for what can be called the world party, Nollywood arrived with an impressive image that has left the world wondering how Nigeria gave birth to an industry that has grown steadily and stands tall even among giants; it is simply a wonder how our dear industry has achieved a lot, it started simply when some group of people who loved entertaining, acted what went from drama, to look alike of movies to actual movies and now high tech movies ….really!

We can now boldly turn on movies from Nollywood and forget our remote control exists for hours without a thought of change crossing our mind. It is clear that it compares favourably with the other big shot industries that make up the movie world. Nollywood is making a positive statement, the world is staring and for a reason; it is delivering among its counterparts in a competition inevitable world.

It’s a satisfying knowledge that the Nigerian industry has attained a landmark placing it in the apex spot of the pyramid of world movies, can’t help but mention Nollywood when the world movie rockers meet eye to eye.

Am almost sure they never knew how monumental their existence would become to the world and its root country. The Nigerian movie world just got more interesting and i think this is just one of the early tunes in an endless melody.

Credit: Image from arugba_set-with – tunde kelani