What really happened?

Something changed!

From the viewer’s point of view so many things have changed about the typical Nigerian movie, so much that it seems like the earth crust in Nollywood virtually moved and brought change, or perhaps “time” just happened.

Who remembers those things that seemed off in the former Nigerian movies?

Let’s juggle our memory a bit to the classics, who remembers when actors and actresses wore suits or rather coats thrice their size with heavy shoulder pads and were probably the super dressers of the movie

When in old school Nigerian movie nobody ever knocked at the door, they just shifted the curtains and let themselves in.

I had given up hope of a real Nigerian action movie, who remembers how the punch used to sound, “Gbiiiisiim” and the punch always came before the sound of the punch;

beat that! Did someone just laugh in remembrance? Real surprise we now have high tech action movies with things that look like real guns not the toy guns of the old…..

When in blood scenes the blood looked like red ink or tomato paste and you wonder at the real colour of blood …..

When baby bumps could shift so easily, who knows where that happens…

When the tittle of movies told you the whole story and the sound track told you what the tittle forgot to tell you…… graciously we now finally enjoy suspense in movies.

When prostitutes must stereotypically chew gums and the twins of a movie could never be seen in one capture when using same actor .. we couldn’t pull off the double person effect, it’s now effortlessly done.

When Nigerian movies looked so dreamy, I mean unclear….. The new Nollywood movies are so clear and digital quality so ace; you can now see all the colours in every scene for what they are.

Remember when a head cut off a person looked so different from the original head; you wonder if the concept was to behead a dull baby. Then the digital rain was a No! No!!

They were so unreal no one ever got wet in them; lol.

It was classic and then it became modern, with digital enhancement, better costumes, upgraded soundtracks, clearer motion and fulfilling suspense…

So watch Nigerian movies on Okiki app while reminiscing with friends about old trends remembering a remarkable journey from the classics to the modern.

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