I know there are so many bumpy roads in life but I think Nollywood needs a smooth ride for a break so it can ride fast to its destination but a leviathan video app (YouTube) is making it one hell of a long ride, the interesting thing is; we just sit on our couch, put our legs on a stool and click, each click devalues someone’s labour; of course we don’t really mind as far as we smile who cares if that innovative mind that gave you that smile is somewhere waiting in vain for what his/her work is worth.

 The bully called YouTube kicked off like a mere pimple in the eye of talent and has grown into a tumour so big, it practically rips value from the hands of movie owners and gives their sweat to a mere click. It’s so crippling the dysfunctional way we all enjoy the view of men’s sleepless nights and can’t grant them the pay due them.
I know a phrase that says every community should encourage hard work; maybe YouTube hasn’t heard that phrase because it’s grown so large it can barely find its ears.
Imagine! All the script writing, location scouting, costume searching, sound tracking, cast selection, production, directing and all the many rigours in the process that make up a movie…and finally it comes out ; made possible by a chain of people who deserve more than an applause, and a bully just grabs the candy right out of your hand without asking how long a walk it was to the candy factory, well I won’t mind fighting such a bully to get back my candy can’t walk that far in vain, no apologies!
A good fight is always worth it! The indiscriminate download of movies has trivialised creativity for all it’s worth, a mockery of time and energy and all the virtues that birth the growth of the industry, so much that no one bothers to ask how movies are made, they just don’t drop out of the sky; people invested in it and so it shouldn’t be wrapped up in a simple free click. It should be paid for as reward for service.
Do you call a plumber and when he/her is through with the pipes shake his/her hand and say ‘good job’’ without a pay or visit a hairstylist and when hairstylist is done just smile and wander off? If not possible, why should movies be viewed or downloaded free? Of course it’s a service rendered and should be paid for just like other services, so that those who rendered you this service can smile not frown at what they did.
The Indiscriminate access of movies on YouTube has made it hard to recover resources put into these movies, making returns on investments a far luxury.
The deed isn’t done Okiki app wears a boot and combat shorts to fight indiscriminate downloads and viewing of Nollywood movies, a rose in its hand to apologise to all bruised by the bully…and a promise of a better future embedded in cooperation.