Emmanuel Isikaku is a veteran Nollywood Producer, after spending 13 years in the industry, he can be described as an expert movie maker.

In 2007, he released a movie titled Plane Crash, although the movie was popular amongst its viewers, Isikaku didn’t make a dime from his investment.

Today, the word Piracy is synonymous with Nollywood. Ask any five year old around, you will get a full explanation for why he or she likes watching 10-in-1 movies.

Movie Vendors stockpile movie collections because they know that viewers wouldn’t waste their money on one single movie.

With annual revenue of about $600 million, Nollywood should be considered an economic goldmine in its own right.

Piracy rakes in 50 per cent of this revenue. Over the years, movie makers never break even because they practically make their movies for pirates.

Once a movie is released, pirates burn this movie and other movies in one DVD. That evening, the pirated copy will be distributed state wide. Viewers buy the disc and they are confronted with incomplete scenes and bad sound quality, because one disc cost less than $1 (N100), they overlook the infraction.

At major bus stops, you will find several copies of pirated movies laid out on the floor with vendors ringing bells to attract buyers.

Nollywood movies are enjoyed home and abroad but the pirates are hell bent on ruining the enjoyment for everyone.

Video compression digital technology allows about 20 films on one disk. This has been the secret behind the survival of pirates in the Nigerian movie industry.

As pirates advance in their piracy skills, the internet has also made more technological advancements possible.

Okiki App is the  movies streaming platform set to destroy piracy in Nollywood.

Movie Producers and directors now have the perfect place to gain extra exposure and make more money without the fear of piracy taking all the profits.

All you need to do is upload films to Okiki App, sit back and watch your bank account get fatter without worries.

The good thing is you also get to review movie performance, playback and adequately protect your creative assets.

Okiki App is providing a hassle free avenue to help you protect your content from being pirated.

Viewers also have a platform where they can watch latest films and connect with movie makers.

With a free three months trial for every user, Okiki is available for free for download on all android devices.

The One Stop Shop for everything Nollywood is changing the game while ensuring that movie makers break even with profitable returns on their investment.

By Jumoke Alarape