Okiki as the word connotes is where social meets movies, for the first time in Nigerian history, Okiki App is providing a platform for Nollywood producers to converge and communicate with movie viewers.

Okiki App is a movie streaming platform that gives movie producers the opportunity to upload their content without having to worry about piracy.
The app also gives movie producers the opportunity to monitor and evaluate the perception of viewers who have seen their films.
With pirates raking in 50 per cent of film profit, producers now have the chance to break even and make profitable returns on their investment.
All you need to do is upload your films to Okiki App, sit back and relax while your bank account gets fatter.
In this digital age, viewers are searching for movies online; Okiki App captures their interest while providing high quality content to the ever insatiable movie lovers.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Every Movie Producer Should use Okiki App

1. Protect Your Creative Assets
Pirates have destroyed the decency of intellectual property in the Nigerian movie industry. In the past 22 years of its existence, Nollywood has yet to reach its full potential because in every corner, there is a pirate waiting to leech the handwork of movie producers.
With Okiki App, Movie Producers now have an opportunity to bypass the pirates and present their content to viewers who are always fishing for new content.
Okiki App provides a unique opportunity to safeguard your content.

2. Break Even
It costs nothing less than N1 million to produce a movie in Nigeria, from the costume to the props to the actors and actresses, everything cost money. Every movie producer makes the investment with profit in mind.
With Okiki App, movie producers are rest assured that they will make every coin spent and more because viewers have access to movies directly without the hassle of pirated copies.

3. Get Feedback
Rather than making movies without the insight of what viewers think, Okiki App allows viewers to connect and interact with movie producers thereby giving feedback directly to the source. Movie Producers also get insights on how the next movie can be improved.
Okiki App is the smart choice for the smart movie producer.

By Jumoke Alarape