“Captain Jack Sparrow broke box office records but most pirates just spoil films not entertain. Movie pirates are infringing the intellectual property rights of film makers to copy films illegally, then distribute them on the web, and they’re ruining Nollywood as a result. If piracy continues at its current pace the Nollywood film industry, then cinema in general will suffer, and the number of good films made will get smaller and smaller.

Are you a Nollywood fan? Do you want to see your favourite film makers continue to make the movies you love to watch? Would you like the actors you enjoy watching to go on for years, making films that entertain and inspire you?

Then you’ll want to know what you can do to fight the pirates trying to wreck your streaming experience. And there’s two easy steps you can take to help stop piracy in its tracks:First; Don’t support piracy. Do you know, every single click made on an illegal upload provides advertising revenue for the pirates ruining Nollywood?

Pirates just cheapen all film so that content creators don’t receive fair profits for their work, and they discourage talented film makers and producers from ever making films in the first place. If illegal uploads continue to grow, eventually they’ll bankrupt the industry by making it less and less profitable to produce, direct or star in a film.

This leads to you feeling more and more disappointed with the lack of choice, quality, and variety available and also sad because that movie you really wanted to get made never happened.

Ok so we know to stay away from the pirates and why they’re bad but how can we actually stop them? Can we even stop them?

Yes, we can.

The second step we can take to stop the pirates is to beat them at their own game. Support the film industry by using a streaming platform that rewards the right people – the content creators – and stops piracy dead in its tracks.

Okiki is a platform that rewards the directors, producers and actors making movies the magical experience they are, and prevents money going into the pockets of the criminals ruining Nollywood.

By using a streaming platform like Okiki that prevents movie pirates from making a profit, you’re helping to keep the Nollywood industry strong. You’re making sure the actors, producers, writers and directors who make you laugh, cry and feel inspired, keep working, and keep making more and more of the films you want to see.

Okiki’s secure technology prevents pirates from illegally making copies of movies in the first place. And if the pirates can’t copy content then they have no industry. You can use your power as viewer to stop the pirates. There’s a solution to piracy but we all need to work together to make it happen. So don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution. Support cinema. Help Nollywood stay strong. Stream Okiki and let’s beat the pirates together.”